Sunday, July 29, 2007


I just thought people would like to know that Ruger 10 22 P90 / RUGER 10 22 AUG / HK SL-8 / HK-G36 sniper stocks that are up for bidding on EBAY are gutted $20 plastic Chinese made TOY airsoft guns, illegaly and poorly, home modified. I know this because I just purchased one from him. It was a "Kapowwe P90 AIRSOFT AEG MACHINE GUN" sold on Ebay. He just took it apart, which broke the spring-loaded magazine catch on top and cut holes in the side and bottom. I have the exact same airsoft gun. It even came in the exact same Styrofoam container. except he replaces the original box top with a homemade cardboard top to hide the original $20 contents. His stock was MADE from a toy, and is NOT designed for actual firearm operation. I just thought you might want to know the truth about what you might or could be bidding on. I have filed a dispute to try to get my money back. it is too late for me but maybe not for you. I got proof by looking at the airsoft guns he had bought off of Ebay. It also says on these toys that they are not to be modified to fire live ammunutions. If the listing says that it is an "airsoft shell",that means that it is a cheap Chinese made, plastic toy gun. These toys have warnings and stickers by Federal law telling you that it is against the law to remove the stickers or to modify to fire live ammunitions. These modifications could have dangerous or lethal consequences. I wonder who would be liable if one of these blew apart in someones face?